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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

tournement bwling..

skecite nye dmaklumkan my team got 1st rank in this tournement.. syabas to my group member..alip n syafiqa... this tournement held on sunday night 3august08 at 8.00pm.. tournement ni dibuat as charity ktenye..pe2 je le..baling je sudey... let me tell about this tournement..we have 20 group terdri dripade bdk2 ppou..and each group have 3 member which contain different gender..xksh la 2laki 1pmpn o 2pmpn 1laki...but my group have 2laki n 1gurl... huhu..okay, 20 group ni akan bersaing pd game yg pertame.then, if the group get top 8 rank for their score, the group can play again one more time.well..., my group xdpt top 8 but we got top 1..wakakaka...our score was the highest score between other 19 group...355score.. my score was 128...huhu..satu lg, sape2 yg dpt score 10 tertinggi for this game, akn mendapat hadiah gak.. and suprisingly, i got tempat ke-7..well.....ooops, we have second game to play..for this game, the 8 group will compete..rank 1,2 n 3 will get hadiah..my group play sungguh2, but malangnya my group cannot score as well as our first game..buttttt..... my group got 1st rank..huhu.. our score cme 315 je kli ni.....i think this is my fault bcoz i'm not perform for second game. igot only 91 scores..huh...mlm yg sungguh bertuah...after everything selesai, i go back n eat at kdai mamak...
mse 2 prut mmg dh lapo gle..mlantak la pe lg..he3..


vacation rentals said...

nice blog; well-done

wizcakes said...

Ait, mana songkok?

ps. I love the song very much.

jasmin ali said...

ni bukan gmba masa kite tgh maen kat bangi ke??
mne gmba kat mines??
patut la ari tu semangat aku tgk ambik gmba mase tgh maen..