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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

my dream

u can see what's behind.... it is ex5 dream..no matter how was it created o who was created it..the most important is, it's mine...huahuahua... b4 i bought thiss motorcycle, when i want to go to lecture, i need to wait 4 a bus.. so leceh la.. as an example, lecture stat kul 8.00am, then i need 2 wait for a bus at 7.30am u know.. that's mean, i have 2 prepare all things b4 7.30.. aah......breakfast lg, mandi lg, nap 4 a while lg..he3.. ha....thats why la i bought this motorcyle..huhu.. when lecture stat 8.00am, i can grak from my house at 7.59 am..;)...


wizcakes said...

If you still come late after this, like the malay language goes "Memang saje je nak kena belangkong!" 7.59 am? oooo that's too early. Datangla 7.559999 am, baru real.

fairuzizyan said...

finally..ade blog jge..
never mind lah..cmpur2 bhs..at least u try ur best..lame2 improve lah..hehe..

Princess Azi said...

kan maen ko kan.
da ade motor bwk sorang2 je.
bg ar aku tumpang.
haha ;p