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Saturday, November 29, 2008

yeah...I'm grew up..

Finally i'm finish my foundation at UNITEN in 1year..huhu.. i'm always prepare for mse2 yg bakal mengisi hidupku sebagai seorang degre student..yepi.:)  
1Disember ini ak mendaftar sbagai seorg degre student.. at the same tyme, i will get my rsult for foundation..rrrr!!! hopefully, i will get a good result..oopss i mean not bad result.. bcoz when i want to kekal ngan my MARA scholarshp, the result(for cgpa) must be above 2.5....to rendah right?? but i'm still worried...UNITEN foundation agak ssh gak...nk wt cmne kn..he3 but my target is  3.0 and above.. same-samelah kte tgk t....

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