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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Tanggal 20 august, jam 11am-1pm i attend chemistry lecture..after that, at 2pm i have physic lecture plak...but i decided to back home first after chemistry class..about 1.05pm i arrive at home and then bantal memanggil-manggil...tyme 2 plak mmg tgh tired giler..pe lg telentang la atas tilam...igt kn tyme azan zohor nk wake up..unfortunately...ish3...xthu r nk cite...smpai physic clas pun miss..kih3...xpe2 niat nak pg physic class 2 dah ade..niat yg ptg kn..wakakaka.. bgun2 jer dh kul 2.30pm..mmg xsmpt r nk g class 2 bcoz the class finish at 3pm..think2, xyah pg la...then at 3pm, after the physic class my friend invite me to go jalan2...go to Alamanda.. weyh, tyme 2 bkn main smgt lg..physic class dh la miss kn..kui3..mmg xptut btol..tp pe2 pn ktorg g gak Alamanda 2...

jalan punye jalan..finally it bring me to one destination that can make a reason why i went to the Alamanda..i'm not just window shopping..huhu..i bought a new shirt n shoes..huahuahua... byk gak duit melayang tyme 2...huhu...u see behind..all brown tu...ha3
nk diceritakan at first, actually i'm not plan to buy anything.. i just teman my frien to buy new shoes..but...what can i do.. dh berkenan nk wat cmne kn..buy je la shoes 2..he3. k
thats enought to tell that i have a new shoes n new shirt..kah3

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al-ikhsan said...

anda telah ditag!huhu~sila rujuk blog aku..kui3~